2017 Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9th-10th 2017,  took place at CEDER-CIEMAT events room (Soria), the Kick-off meeting of the SWTOMP Project, where details about the project were discussed.

It is a project organized under the umbrella of the ERANET_LAC European Program that was approved in November 2016.

The main objective of the SWTOMP project is the promotion, development and implementation of the utilization of small and medium size wind turbines for isolated applications and for connection to weak grids, including the optimization of small/medium-scale wind turbines to meet local wind regimes and regional infrastructure requirements.

Total duration of the project is three years.

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You can access the presentations:

CIEMAT: FĂ©lix Avia: "General presentation of the project".

INTI: "Presentation of the Organization".

IZTECH: "Presentation of the Institute".

CAREESD: "Presentation of the Center".

VTT: "VTT and Wind Power".

INEEL: "Presentation of the Center".

CIEMAT: "Wind Energy Unit".

INTEC: "Presentation of the Institute".