Ionising radiation metrology for the metallurgical industry



Final Project Meeting at CIEMAT, Spain. 18-19 November 2014.

The final meeting of the project was held at CIEMAT headquarters in Madrid in November 2014. A total of 26 project participants (including one stakeolder) discussed the project status and the reporting tasks to be completed.

Project Presentation at 8 ICI in Chicago (August 24-28, 2014)

Every three years, an International Conference on Isotopes and Expo is organised to allow interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues from around the world. This year it was hosted by the American Nuclear Society and took place in Chicago. Two project members (the coordinator and a ESRMG) attended the conference, exhibited a poster and discussed many aspects with participants. This work was carried out by CIEMAT, ENEA, PTB and SMU.