Hydrogen storage and conversion using liquids in reversible electrochemical devices


HYSTORE is focused on demonstrating the viability of the direct use of liquid organic hydrogen carriers in electrochemical devices with zero CO2 emission, both for power generation and for restoring the hydrogen-depleted carriers.

This proposal constitutes a proof of concept for the development of new electrochemical devices for the direct storage and conversion of hydrogen in the form of liquid organic hydrogen carriers to obtain a completely reversible power system producing only water as by-product. 

The combination of an innovative concept with a tailor-made design of an electrochemical system using advanced materials and components is the main value in the project to validate the proposed reversible scheme. On the basis of previous research of the research team related to innovative materials for fuel cells, design of new fuel cell models for portable applications, and the catalytic conversion of liquid organic compounds for hydrogen storage, a new system will be developed by integrating these concepts in a multidisciplinary approach.

This project has been granted by the Government of Spain with NextGenerationEU funds.