Research groups

Functional Materials for Hydrogen Technologies:

  • Paloma Ferreira Aparicio (PhD in Chemistry) (IP1)
  • Alba María Fernández Sotillo (PhD in Chemistry)

Low Temperature Fuel Cells Group:

  • Antonio Martínez Chaparro (PhD in Chemistry) (IP2)
  • M. Antonia Folgado Martínez (PhD in Chemistry)
  • Ester Díaz Álvarez (PhD Engineering) 
  • Luis Duque Guillén (PhD Student)
  • José Luis Serrano Marcos (Bc Telecommunications Engineering)

Microstructural Characterization and Microanalysis Unit:

  • Susana Merino Oviedo (PhD in Chemistry)
  • David Sauce Díez (FPII, Microscopy Unit)

Electronics Unit:

  • Antonio Molinero Vela (MSc in Physics)
  • José Miguel Barcala Riveira (PhD in Information Technology Engineering)
  • Juan Carlos Oller González (PhD in Physics)
  • Juan José Martínez Morales (Bc in Mechanical Engineering) 
  • José Javier Navarrete Marín (MSc in Physics) 
  • Javier Chércoles Catalán (Technician) 
  • Francisco Javier Encabo Fernández (Advanced Vocational Education) 

Energy Systems Analysis Unit:

  • Daniel Garraín Cordero(PhD in Chemical Engineering).
  • Santacruz Banacloche (PhD. Student in Economics/MSc in Sustainable Growth and Development Economy).