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Photos given by: 1.- Milagros Montero Prieto; 2.- Claudia Fernández Montero. 3.4.5.- Cristina Trueba Alonso


The Task 4.2.1 on "Scenario-based stakeholder engagement" already are underway.


You can find now information on the different planned national panels and the stakeholder Delphi study already under way.



Welcome to CONFIDENCE-WP4 web site

This is the collaborative web page for the WP4 on “Transition to long-term recovery, involving stakeholders in decision-making processes” of the CONFIDENCE Project (HORIZON 2020 EJP-CONCERT, EC GA 662287).

The work package WP4 is devoted to improve the preparedness and response during the transition phase after a nuclear accident, identifying and trying to reduce the uncertainties in the subsequent management of the long-term exposure situation, reflecting the requirements of the new European Basic Safety Standards (BSS).

The work is structured in three steps regarding:

  1. Establishment and optimisation of remediation strategies in generic scenarios. (Recovery scenarios planning task).
  2. Involvement of stakeholders in decisions to recover acceptable living conditions (Scenario-based stakeholder engagement task).
  3. Elaboration of guidelines and recommendations to address the planning and decision making during the transition phase. (Guidelines and recommendations task).

To this end, a methodology is established under a framework of structured collaboration involving the technician experts (partners) and stakeholders in a sequential process. Different tools and participatory approaches will be used to facilitate the incorporation of the expertise and the points of view and interests of the stakeholders, as part in the preparedness process for the consequences management and post-accident recovery.

The main objective of this web site is to have a common space and repository for all partners and panels to share and disseminate the scenarios, questionnaires, findings of the discussions and results. It has a private area for members of WP4 and a public area to share information with other WPs and stakeholders.


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Dublin, 23th -24th April 2018

CONFIDENCE-WP4 – Delphi First Round Questionnaire

Welcome to the first round of the Stakeholder Delphi study. You can respond in English or in your own language.

Participation is opened until next October 31, 2018

Workshop has just finished

CONFIDENCE-WP4 Workshop on Scenario planning during the transition phase to support the preparedness for post-accidental recovery

Madrid, 20th - 21st November 2017

Recovery scenarios planning task

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Scenario-based stakeholder engagement task

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Guidelines and recommendations task

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