CMS DT Electronics (CMSDTE)

CIEMAT took care of the design and production of the first and second level of the read-out electronics of the CMS DT chambers. ROB (Read Out Board), Minicrates and ROS (Read Out Server) are the main items of the original CMS design. But also many test boards have been developed for the different test stands. We are also participating in the upgrade of the CMS DT detector with the production of thte OFCU (Optical Fiber to Copper converter) for the Sector Collector Relocation and the uROS (uTCA Read Out Server board) for the CMS Phase 1 upgrade. R&D activities for the Phase 2 upgrade are also taking place. 
A large variety of information related to the electronics developed by the CIEMAT group for the CMS Drift Tubes detector can be found through this web pages. Many documents are protected. If you do not know how to access, contact Cristina Fernández Bedoya. And of course, enjoy!...






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CIEMAT group has participated in the CMS DT electronics since its conception. Our responsibilities were focused in the readout electronics, although it expanded into other electronics activities since we have been in charge of the DT electronics group coordination for a large fraction of the CMS lifetime.

The CMS DT readout electronics is in charge of the time digitization of the DT chambers signals and consequente data transmission. It is divided in several stages that aggregate the information from lower layers up to the central CMS data acquisition system. The first two levels of the DT electronics chain are the ROB (Read Out Board) and the ROS (Read Out Server) and they have been designed and produced at CIEMAT.

ROB (Read Out Board)

ROS25 (Read Out Server 25 channels board)

Minicrate (MiC1)