Rubén Barragán

MY DEGREE: Graduate in Environmental Sciences (Rey Juan Carlos University) and Doctor in Signal Theory and Communications (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
MY JOB CONSISTS OF: Contributing to research projects related to the area of atmospheric remote sensing that help control air quality and study the evolution of global warming. Specifically, my lines of research can be summarized in cal/val and obtaining data from the channels of the Lidar station belonging to the European Lidar Network (EARLINET/ACTRIS) and the ceilometer installed at Ciemat. These devices allow obtaining atmospheric profiles that serve to indirectly know the amount of aerosols present in the environment (thanks to the optical thickness) and their type. Specifically and as an example, the fluorescence channel of the lidar station allows the measurement and control of pollen and other particles of organic origin in suspension that can cause allergies and respiratory problems and the depolarization channel allows distinguishing particles according to their shape, very useful in cases of Saharan intrusions. In the case of the ceilometer, its 24/7 measurement capacity in the near infrared helps us characterize the atmosphere in real time.