1. Set up the CIEMAT LIDAR station for the measurement of pollen through the incorporation of a new channel for the measurement of fluorescence with vertical resolution of different types of pollen present in the Madrid air basin.
  2. Study of the variability and vertical distribution of pollen in Madrid through the simultaneous operation of an automatic pollen monitor and the LIDAR station at the CIEMAT facilities. Experimental campaigns will be carried out comparing the measurements with the Palinocam network in Madrid to study seasonal variations, day-night, daily cycle and other episodic situations of interest with respect to pollen types, such as long-distance transport events.
  3. Statistical analysis of the data series on pollen concentrations according to synoptic weather patterns. Daily global pressure fields at surface level and geopotential height at 850 hPa shall be classified into homogeneous groups using circulation classification techniques. The results of this cluster analysis will allow the identification of the main synoptic weather patterns at the synoptic scale, providing information on the origin of the air mass.