About us

The CIEMAT neutrino group is currently composed of 5 researchers, 3 engineers, 4 PhD students and 2 technicians. The research activities of the group are focused on the study of neutrino oscillations, participating in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) long-baseline neutrino experiment and the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab.


The CIEMAT neutrino group has important responsibilities on the construction of the DUNE Far Detector and the physics analysis preparation. To validate the liquid argon time-projection chamber technology (LArTPC) for DUNE, CIEMAT is involved in the design, construction, operation and analysis of the ProtoDUNE detectors at the CERN Neutrino Platform, focusing on the light detection systems. The CIEMAT neutrino group is also working on the SBND and MicroBooNE experiments, two LArTPCs that are part of the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab.

We also work on R&D for large scale cryogenic liquid detectors, participating in the AIDA-innova European Project, the SoLAr (Solar Neutrinos in Liquid Argon) project, and on the novel LiquidO Technology consisting of an opaque scintillator and a dense array of fibers.

We are still participating in the final phase of the Double Chooz reactor neutrino experiment and in the data analysis of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR looking for the neutrinoless double beta decay and physics beyond the Standar Model. 

Our activities are funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism from the NextGenerationEU European funds, the Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 European Programmes, the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, and the Red Leonardo BBVA Foundation.