The present program proposes the development of energy generation systems for promoting energy diversification, guarantying higher efficiency and lowering environmental pollution. These systems will be applied to the stationary generation, portable and the automotive fields. Other important issue is the development of plants for generation of hydrogen, which will be the fuel to use in the energy generation systems.

DIVERCEL-CM will focus on scientific research -fuel cells, hydrogen production from renewable sources- and on technologic development -integration, prototypes, demonstrators- which will allow technology transfer to those industries fostering the implementation of new technologies.

The previous scientific and technologic achievements and the experience obtained during the development of ENERCAM-CM Program will be the starting point to carry out the proposed working plan. That Program has consolidated several research groups in the fuel cells field: new methods for the synthesis of electrocatalytic materials, electrocatalytic processes, fabrication of electrodes and other components (final plates, joints, contacts¿), development of small power units, design and construction of testing systems, normalization and standardization, auxiliary power systems, fuel cells integration in systems with renewable energies. The research results have been presented in several national and international forums with an important number of publications (more than 30). 

The DIVERCEL-CM will continue these efforts including new objectives which will allow a deeper knowledge of the fuel cells technology and its potential. In particular, the development of efficient and reliable units and the development, construction and evaluation of energy generation systems will constitute the centre of the proposed activities.



General Information

General Information

Code: S-2009/ENE-1475
Coordinating Organism: Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT)
Coordinator: Dr. Tomás González Ayuso y Dra. Loreto Daza Bertrand (until 16th May 2012)
Finantial SupportPlan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2009 (V PRICIT), Community of Madrid 
Duration: 01/01/2010-31/12/2013




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