Management Activities

KICK OFF MEETING                                     Download Minute & Presentations
12-02-2010   Kick off Meeting     

PROGRESS MEETINGS                             Download Minute & Presentations
06-07-2010   1st Progress Meeting

21-12-2010   2nd Progress Meeting

10-05-2011   3th Progress Meeting

13-05-2011   4th Progress Meeting

27-05-2011   5th Progress Meeting

15-12-2011   6th Progress Meeting

25-01-2012   7th Progress Meeting

11-05-2012   8th Progress Meeting

07-12-2012   9th Progress Meeting

18-12-2012   10th Progress Meeting

05-02-2013   11th Progress Meeting

PROGRESS REPORT                                Downloand Reports

30-12-2010  Progress Report 1st year

30-05-2011  Evaluation Report of the first period  

DELIVERABLES                                         Download Deliverables
30-06-2011  Deliverable E1a.1

31-05-2011  Deliverable E1b.1

22-06-2011  Deliverable E1b.2 

FINANCIAL REPORTS                            Downloand Reports

30-05-2011  Financial Report of the first period

COOPERATION AGREEMENT             Downloand Agreement

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