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European Hydrogen Energy ConferenceEHEC2014
 Seville-Spain, 12-14 March 2014


"Ag-Modified Cu-Ceria Anode for SOFC directly fuelled with simulated biogas mixtures". A. Fuerte, R.X. Valenzuela, M.J. Escudero.

"Electrochemical analysis of WNi-CeO2 cermet as sulphur tolerant SOFC anode". M.J. Escudero, I. Gómez de Parada, A. Fuerte.

"A multi-fuel processor test bench based on reforming coupled to a fuel cell as a previous stage to industrial scale-up (FCA5-3)". A.J. Martin, T. González-Ayuso, C. Montoro, J.L. Serrano, , J.A. Daza, A. Balbín, L. Daza.

"Integration of an electrolyzer into a minigrid". T. González-Ayuso, B. Martínez, J.L. Serrano, L. Daza.