The main objective of the SWTOMP project is the promotion, development and implementation of the utilization of small and medium size wind turbines for isolated applications and for connection to weak grids, including the optimization of small/medium-scale wind turbines to meet local wind regimes and regional infrastructure requirements.
The specific challenges of the project are:

  • The optimization of two small wind turbines specifically designed for two locations, one with tropical conditions (high temperature, strong hurricanes, warmer/humid climates, atmospheric particles, and lightning strikes) and the other for a site with strong winds and very cool climate (for example for sites in the Patagonia). The designs will be adapted to meet both local weather conditions and regional infrastructure requirements.
  • New methodology for the assessment of wind resource for SWT. The lack of methodologies that, in an affordable and accurate way, allow the energy performance of SWT has been identified as one of the main barrier in order to increase the penetration of wind energy at community and agricultural levels. This challenge will cope with this barrier.
  • The promotion of increased awareness of the potential of small/medium wind turbines at community/SME/agricultural levels worldwide.

Total duration of the Project is three years.


State of the art


Expected results

Expected results