Last June 2nd, SWTOMP project was presented at Worl Small Wind Conference - 2017.

You can read the presentation


Last Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9th-10th,  took place at CEDER-CIEMAT events room (Soria), the Kick-off meeting of the SWTOMP Project, where details about the project were discussed.

Each partner made a presentation which can be accessed here:

CIEMAT: FĂ©lix Avia: "General presentation of the project".

INTI: "Presentation of the Organization".

IZTECH: "Presentation of the Institute".

CAREESD: "Presentation of the Center".

VTT: "VTT and Wind Power".

INEEL: "Presentation of the Center".

CIEMAT: "Wind Energy Unit".

INTEC: "Presentation of the Institute".