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Sample survey form

Within the first task in the SWTOMP Project, the promotion of the small/

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medium-scale wind turbines market in the 

countries participating in the project, the in

itial activity in the planning schedule was the elaboration of a Sample Survey Form to analyze the market of small wind turbines (SWT).

In order to provide with an answer to this need, a review of previous related surveys has been carried out, identifying different scopes that lead to different survey forms. In particular, five scopes have been identified in relation to the characteriz

ation of the market of SWT, each focused on a different topic:

  • the market deployment assessment,
  • the market suitability assessment,
  • the practical aspects of SWT market,
  • the social aspects of SWT market and
  • the regulatory issues of SWT market.

For each one of these approaches, one or two examples have been identified as examples.


The work developed in the SWTOMP under this task has been carried out in a parallel way in the different participating countries, bringing different approaches for the different countries. So, different sample survey forms have been proposed within the countries that participate in the SWTOMP Project. However, a general consensus proposal from the consortium has been produced; it is a three level survey form, depending on the level of detail that is available or sought. These levels range from the most general level (country level) to the most detailed one (installation level) going through the medium detailed level (company level).


All these Sample Survey Forms are described in this report, and all of the forms developed under the umbrella of the SWTOMP Project are shown here. The results of the surveys will be shown on a separate report.