SWTOMP Project at the 3rd Small and Medium Wind Turbines Workshop SWTOMP Project at the 3rd Small and Medium Wind Turbines Workshop

organized by the Nordic Folkecenter, first on-line

An international meeting entitled 3rd International Workshop on Small and Medium Wind Energy was organized by the Nordic Folkecenter in Denmark from 27 to 29 April 2020. The aim was for international experts and manufacturers to present the main projects, advances, challenges and handicaps of small and medium wind energy in the different countries and at an international level, from a regulatory and testing point of view. This was the third Conference of its kind, but the first on-line one, due to the COVID-19 mobiilty restrictions. 

Picture: screen capture during the presentation of the SWTOMP Project during the on-line Conference, performed by Luis Arribas

During this presentation, some lessons learned during the SWTOMP Project were shared. 

On the April 30th, an open IEA Task 41 was organized in conjunction with the Conference, led by DTU, counting with around 50 participants from all over the world (including some of the SWTOMP Project partners). 

All the material (program, presentations, videos and declaration) can be found on folkecenterevents.net - Previous Events - 3rd International Conference on Small and Medium Wind Energy (direct link: