Principales objetivos

Rehabilitageosol - Objetivos

  1. One tool with which energy saving measures can be established through the use of Geothermal, Thermal Solar and Energy Rehabilitation in buildings in need of an improved energy rehabilitation with the use of geomorphological, climatic and constructive resources in the different regions that make up the Principality of Asturias.
  2. In the other tool in design, it will be sought to verify, on-line and in real time, the development of algorithms, following the international technical protocols in this field, in renewable facilities.

This R & D will search to implement low-cost management systems, efficiently establishing energy management and generation in both urban and industrial and tertiary sectors, seeking:

1.1.- Reduce energy demand from solar thermal energy and low enthalpy geothermal energy.

1.2.- Model a management tool that optimizes the installations in the use of geothermal energy and in solar thermal energy

1.3.- Development of a simple and standard methodology of verification of the results of the joint measures of energy saving.

1.4.- Foster plans in which energy saving is encouraged, thanks to the development of energy rehabilitations with the use of solar thermal and geothermal energy in a joint and non-individualized way.