• Gene-therapy of Fanconi Anaemia A. Comisión de la Unión Europea. Ref.BMH4-CT98-3784. 1998-2001
    Investigador principal proyecto Español: Dr Juan A. Bueren
  • Concertad Safety and Efficiency Evaluation of Retroviral transgenesis in Gene Therapy of Inherited Diseases. Comisión de la Unión Europea. Programme of Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health¿ Ref: 005242. 2005-2008
    Investigador Principal Proyecto Español: Dr Juan A. Bueren 
  • DNA damage responses, genomic instability and radiation-induced cancer : the problem of risk at low and protracted doses. Programa Euratom, 6th Framework Programme. European Commission. Integrated Project. Contract Number FI6R-CT-2003-508842. 2004-2007
    Investigador principal Proyecto Español: Dr. Jordi Surrallés.