The Project

Scientific and Technical Objectives

The project addresses an European-harmonized action to configure appropriate instruments, develop reference materials and issue measurement procedures and technical standards for SI-traceable radioactivity monitoring of scrap, slag, fumes dust and cast steel, in order to prevent contamination effects, population hazards and trade disputes, leading to uniform application and technical acknowledgment across Europe and worldwide.

The project will be carried out by a consortium of 14 European National Metrology Institutes which guarantee the application of the highest metrological knowledge in this field, going beyond the state of the art by targeting the following scientific and technical objectives:

  • Design of traceable measurement methods, optimized for the control of scrap loads, metal products, slag and fumes dust, according to EC, national regulations and IAEA recommendations.
  • Development of standard reference sources for cast steel and slags with:
  • Most frequent potential contaminant radionuclides (60Co, 137Cs, 192Ir, 226Ra, 241Am...),
  • Different steel compositions, black and grey slags and fumes filters,
  • Different geometries, matching the cast steel probes currently used for on-line measurements,
  • Characterization of reference sources by combined measurement-simulation methods and inter-laboratory comparisons.
  • Optimized setup of reference measurement system(s), based on spectrometric systems with NaI, HPGe, plastic scintillation detectors or other appropriate sensitive devices.
  • Development of technical procedures for scrap controls, calibration of measurement systems and on-line radioassay controls.
  • Development of measurement, evaluation, calibration and control software.
  • Demonstration, testing and users training actions at selected foundries in Europe.
  • Dissemination of knowledge to stakeholders, end-users and the scientific community.
  • Development of recommendations or draft technical standards for systems calibration, on-line monitoring and final certification of cast steel batches with technical acknowledgment all around Europe and third countries.