• Be part of the installation of sensors and management equipment for the control (consumptions, auxiliary equipment, renewable systems, heat recovery, valve status, etc.). This type of management facilitates methods of indirect measurement helping the monitoring and control of the facilities improving their energy demand.
  • Communication protocols between renewable systems and facilities will be established, facilitating new global operational strategies.
  • Keep in mind the users and the weather conditions will also try to take advantage of the thermal inertia of the ring and power generation equipment. The researchers looking for reduce the energy demand and maintenance of facilities.
  • Integration of renewable technology and recovery of residual energy in the use of facilities achieving the thermal storage of different temperatures, facilitating the use by the users and taking into account the time of the year in which they operate.
    • Consumption in energy will be prioritized according to the requirements of the district network.
    • The electricity consumption will also be prioritized according to needs.
    • In the case of fossil fuels the priorities for fuel optimization in storage tanks will also be analyzed