Participanting Entities


INTANational Institute of Aerospace TechnologyMore Info

Is the Public Research Agency (OPI) specializing in aerospace research and technological development, as well as covering R & D in the fields of land, naval and defense.

MARA GROUPBusiness Group with International PresenceMore Info

Industrial group of reference, responsible, efficient, committed to the environment and capable of competing globally in sectors such as innovation, sustainability, the search for results in the projects in which it participates and with marked social responsibility to satisfy the SMEs, institutions and large companies that operate with it.

GEOTERGeothermal Energy - Geothermal SpecialistsMore Info

Is a pioneer company specialized in geothermal applications used in the soils and subsoils, through the thermal balance in sectors such as building bioclimatic architecture, energy, soil drilling and design of facilities and, in itself, the use of geothermal energy.

GAPTEKProactive Solutions in Modular ArchitectureMore Info

Spanish company specializing in the design, engineering, production, installation and maintenance of fast implementation buildings such as hangars, industrial warehouses, modular buildings and large structures. Its mission is to build buildings under the traditional matters for build better modules buildings respected the sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling and versatility economics solutions. With experience in military and aeronautical projects search better constructions and more optimized.

CIEMATCentre for Energy, Environment and Technology ResearchMore Info

Is a Public Research Organization (OPI) under the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MEIC) through the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation. Its action focuses on the areas of energy and the environment, in addition to the technological fields related to both. It occupies an intermediate position in the chain of creation of basic knowledge for its later industrial application. Its activity seeks to serve as a bridge between R + D + I and the energy sector in the field of Renewables and Fusion Energy.