Multimedia Gallery

The multimedia content of the product consists on a set of videos, audios and pictures that deal with, on the one hand, the progress achieved and on the other hand, work related to the dissemination of the project.

The contents related to the set are divided according to the tasks they show and the location where these are carried out

We point out the following tasks:

- Collection tests. Go to collection multimedia.

- Preparation of biofuels. Go to  preparation multimedia.

- Combustion. Go to combustion multimedia.

The locations where the works are carried out are:

Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila). Go to videos - Go to photos.

- Garray area (Soria):

 Fabero area (León):

 As Pontes area (A Coruña):


The contents related to the second indent are referred to interventions that have been carried out by the project members in different media.

Audio files:

- Audio record broadcast by cadena SER of Ávila in December 2014, where the Technical Manager of "Montes de las Navas", partner in Enerbioscrub project, is interviewed to explain the project. Click "download audio" to download.

- Audio record broadcast by Onda Madrid, in the radio program "Aquí no hay playa" in June 2014 where the Project Coordinator Luis Esteban (CEDER-CIEMAT) is interviewed. Click "download audio" to download.

Videos (go to videos):

All the videos regarding the news and interviews related to Enerbioscrub project are shown here.

The following videos are available:

- Interview from CEDER (Soria) and broadcast in "Castilla y León News", on the channel TVE-1 in June 2014.

- Interview from CEDER (Soria) and broadcast on "RTVE-24 horas" Channel.

- Video composition based on an interview to the Technical Manager of "Montes de las Navas" broadcast by Cadena SER of Avila in May 2016.