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Task 4.1. Establishment and optimisation of remediation

Establishment and optimisation of remediation (CIEMAT, PHE, DTU, CEPN, EPA, IRSN, NRPA , APA, IST, RIVM/RIKILT, STUK, EEAE). (1-20 M)

Subtask 4.1. Establishment and optimisation of remediation strategies

  • Modelling and literature review for urban/inhabited and agricultural areas will be carried out to identify and assess the criteria and factors (including the spatial-temporal influence in the establishment of the reference levels and the evaluation of the uncertainties in the optimisation process), that improve/affect the selection, efficiency and ending of remediation strategies.
  • Based on the results, and taking advantage of lessons learned from Fukushima and Chernobyl, a brainstorming process, using a structured communication technique and concluding with a dedicated workshop, will be conducted to agree on scenarios and identify remediation strategies as well as the questions and issues to be addressed in the stakeholder panels.
  • Interaction with WP1-3 is envisaged to define the scenarios to be used in the panels.