Initial Questionnaire

In the framework of the European Project CONFIDENCE the Work Package 4 (WP4), Transition to long-term recovery, involving stakeholders in decision-making process, is devoted to improve the preparedness and response during the transition phase, identifying and trying to reduce the uncertainties in the subsequent management of the long-term exposure situation. To this end, different tools and participatory approaches will be used to facilitate the incorporation of the expertise and the points of view and interests of the stakeholders, as part in the preparedness process for the consequences management and post-accident recovery.

The linked questionnaire is a starting point to establish and assay the process of national dialogue engaging stakeholders in the decision making processes. It is aimed to collects the ideas and thoughts of a wide range of stakeholders on issues to deal during the transition phase to prepare the long-term recovery.

If you feel concerned with this theme, we invite you to participate. Your answers will be very valuable for the development of the project. It will take 10 - 12 min of your time. 

Initial Questionnaire

THE DEADLINE IS 28th February 2018

Your results will be treated with absolute confidentiality and used only for research purposes.