Delphi study

A stakeholder Delphi will be carried out in each participant country iWhat is a Delphi Study?n view of preparing the panel meetings as well as obtaining a prioritization of stakeholders ‘concerns and preferences regarding the issues during the transitions phase of a nuclear emergency.

The aim of this Delphi survey is to get a broad spectrum of different views and to identify some important issues to address the planning and decision-making during the transition phase. This questions and issues will be used as a basis for panel discussion, to frame and guide the discussion; but the final aim will be to achieve a consensus regarding the main criteria for the decision-making during the recovery phase.

The study is aimed at all national stakeholders, both those who participate in the national discussion panels in the WP4 and those who, although not attending the panels, are also interested or concerned with this problem.



Delphi will be carried out in three phases:

  1. A first round with a short questionnaire derived from the preliminary questionnaire designed in the framework of Task 4.1. The questionnaire includes some open questions in order to add other relevant issues in each country.
  2. A second round with closed questions that will reflect all criteria gathered in the first round. Some feedback of the first round will be provided to participants.
  3. A third round will ask for a ranking of the most relevant criteria. Feedback about the results of the second phase will be also provided to participants.

The final responses will be obtained by weighting all the experts’ estimates equally and aggregating them. The result from a Delphi procedure is taken to be the average of the anonymous responses made by all respondents on the final round.

You can access to the first round of the Study.