Objectives & scope of the project

CLEANBIOM PROJECT: Integrated strategy to predict, monitor and ensure the sustainability of the combustion of agricultural and forestry waste biomass.

CLEANBIOM focus on sustainable operation and management for medium-scale decentralized units of combustion for waste annual biomass. Its goal is the development of an integral strategy for emission prediction, control and minimization, specifically adapted to the characteristic feedstocks of Mediterranean basin.

Experimental basis will be gathered taking advantage of the existing pilot plant (CEDER-CIEMAT), whose scale is similar to that of commercial units. A comprehensive and size-segregated characterization of primary and secondary pollutants, ashes and corrosion precursors is envisaged. Furthermore, the potential influence on air quality, due to aerosol aging, will be assessed due to its relevance as established in many studies from other European areas.

Experimental planning during CLEANBIOM is streamlined using a systematic identification of key scenario, aiming to establish an extrapolable methodology for this kind of plants. This procedure stems from the identification and statistical treatment of relevant parameters related to both process and environmental impact. The optimization function, derived from and validated against experimental data sets, will result on a set of optimal process conditions, while fulfilling the minimal impact constraint.