Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Laboratory

Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Laboratory of the Hematopoietic Innovative Therapies Division - CIEMAT. (LACISEP). Lab  nº 277 form the  Laboratory Network of the Community of Madrid. 

Laboratorio de Citometría de Flujo y Separación Celular

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Laboratory (LACISEP) belongs to the Differentiation and Cytometry Unit, directed Dr. J.C. Segovia at the Hematopoietic Innovative Therapies Division -CIEMAT. LACISEP has belonged to the Laboratory Network of Community of Madrid since 2009. 

Technical capacities available

The Differentiation and Cytometry Unit focuses its research activities in studying the hematopoiesis in two different but complementary areas, directed (i)  to study the Hematopoietic Stem Cell biology and its ex vivo manipulation to facilitate the transduction of hematopoietic progenitos cells and (ii)  the study of mouse models of monogenic disease affecting the hematopoietic system to develop pre-clinical models to treat these diseases. 
LACISEP has established techniques for cell analysis and cell purification based on flow cytometry, it has recently incorporated two new generation equipments with 4 laser excitation lines that allow the collection of 20 different signals. This allows the multiparameter analysis.
A new high speed cell separator was also incorporated (cell sorter) that has 4 laser lines, allows the 18 different signal capture and is able to separate in two channels , either in tubes or in multiwell plates, reaching a speed of  70.000 cells/second.

Technical services offered

LACISEP offers its support to CellCAM collaborators. It has specialized in the study, characterization and stem cell isolation in different animal species (mouse, dog, human) and in different tissues, specially the hematopoietic and epithelial tissues.
The laboratory  opyimized protocols to: 

  • Multiparametric characterization of mouse and human hematopoietic stem cells. 
  • Multidiferentiation analysis of bone marrow transpant receptors in functional quantification assays of the hemnatopoietic stem cell content.  
  • Analysis of xenogenic transplantation in vivo models of human hematopoiesis in immunodefficient NOD/SCID mice.
  • Isolation in viable conditions of  any cell population of interest, based on the characterization performed by flow cytometry. 
  • Multispecies hematologic analysis. 

Different fares are available to carry out the services related to the mentioned protocols.